In Good Time

This is a good time to get blogging. I think it is. Finally, after two years of procrastinating and pondering over titles and topics, themes and theses I have decided that if I have to blog, I must get started anyway.
There are not many bloggers from Kashmir who would write about things other than politics, which is unfortunate. But that doesn’t mean that we are obsessed with politics. Occupied we may be, but obsessed? I wouldn’t agree. Or well, may be a little obsessed too.
But a good time to blogging it is for another reason. I am reading Oliver Twist, and he is the reason. More than a decade ago, Oliver Twist was the first novel I ever read. And now, a decade after that, Oliver Twist has reappeared, unabridged and complete. With illustrations.
Call it karma, or life’s full circle or whatever. (Actually, there is no need to invoke philosophy, just yet.) I would just say that I missed reading Dickens, and I realize eerily that its been two years since I read a book of his. The last was Nicholas Nickelby (The Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, for those who stress on full names). Time flies, doesn’t it?
Now, when I bought this book I thought what shall I do after it’s done? As no one at home seems to be interested enough to discuss books with me, I better find someone who may be? Blogging’s a good thing for that, isn’t it? A book club too, but there are no book clubs in Kashmir. None that I know of. But that doesn’t mean there are any less readers here. I know for sure, that I have been surprised by the number of bookshops that have opened in the past 5 years, selling books which are not ‘course books’, books which only book-lovers read – like novels. I mean, other than those who have to read to pass exams. Ah! The way we study here!

Author: Rich Autumns

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