The Way it Shouldn’t be Done

Since its Ramazan and we are expected to remain peaceful and quiet, I will not say much and let these pictures speak for themselves. This is in Dalgate. And that is the new bridge over the Dal Lake. The bridge is still under construction, and the Dal below it under destruction. So we will have to wait till both are completed.

Scientists call it eutrophication. Its a fancy word for vanishing lakes, and eroding heritages. It encompasses years of callousness, and lack of attention. Corruption and illiteracy. But literally it only means increase in weeds/algae due to increase of nitrates and phosphates (increased nutrients).

The gate in the Lake was supposed to check the flow of water, as it connected to the city’s inner water ways. But now the gate has effectively divided the Dal into two parts. The touristy and the non-touristy. the touristy Dal is the larger part where the water is visible in front of the long row of houseboats. Behind them, of course, there is no water. Its all green, algaed and eutrophied. Petrified, if you may. The touristy Dal also has the floating gardens, and the Char Chinari. And the Nehru Park, with its increasing periphery.

The non-touristy Dal has been left to die with the city plan under which more bridges are supposed to come up. The one in the pictures above is being extended, and there is another one coming up near the Moulana Azad Bridge. The non-touristy Dal also has  houseboats, many of them dilapidated and non-posh kinds. It serves as a dumping ground for local waste, a public urinal and worse.

The Dal is ticking away. And we are waiting.


Author: Rich Autumns

Blogger from Kashmir. Twitter: @RichAutumns

2 thoughts on “The Way it Shouldn’t be Done”

  1. I am outraged. If this post goes viral – and it deserves to – tourists will stop visiting Kashmir and it will serve us all right.


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