In Kashmir, in autumn, chestnuts, are a delicacy. Their season is short lived, not lasting more than a few weeks each year. 
Ghaer seller Residency Road, Srinagar.

For some reason they are also called Punjaeb-ghaer. But there are other names as well, Haaput-phal (literally bear fruit), wann-gaer (jungle chestnuts) – perhaps,owing to the fact that they are generally found in jungles growing wild and are rarely ‘cultivated’ in Kashmir.

Every autumn towards the ending of October, these chestnuts make a small appearance. For a week or two then they are sold from hand carts in one or two places in the busy bazaars of the city. By the mid of November they are rare, and after that they are gone. They are heated on a small stove in a metal container until the outer brown covering has charred, after which it is peeled and the inner white core is eaten.

To buy them, still if you are lucky, head straight to Lal Chowk where you will find vendors on the Residency Road. Outside the Abi Guzar lane or near the Sheikhbagh gate of Tyndale Biscoe School. I haven’t seen them being sold at many places, if you have please comment in the ‘comment box’ below. 


Author: Rich Autumns

Blogger from Kashmir. Twitter: @RichAutumns

2 thoughts on “Ghaer!”

  1. A sure place to find them is in front of the old Grindlays Bank… now J&K bank near the junction of Polo View Road…. thanks DD


  2. You'll find vendors near LD Hospital and Amira Kadal selling chestnuts, I once on a trip to Zabarwan found them scattered in abundance near chasma shahi, took a handful to home 🙂


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