Colours, Absent

17 November, 2012. Srinagar, Kashmir.

The sun was absent in the morning. It was behind somewhere a very dense grey sky. But it’s hard to say where it actually was. In the east, lets say. But experience, and some uncertainty, tells me that it will get denser in the days to come. Its Kashmir, and we are approaching winter.

I think people come unhinged in autumns. In winters, its very hard to tell why. Grey isn’t a very happy colour  Now that the poplars stand leafless alongside the chinars, one can see through their branches. And gaze into the endless grey space of the tallest skies. The baked bricks of the houses in the neighborhood behind the steel gates don’t add any colour either. When the sun sets the sky will be red. Not the usual contours of blue and orange, but grey and red. And the sun will be a opaque sphere of glowing platinum. Still invisible.

I have always (and the blog be my witness) been in love with the turn of seasons in Kashmir. And rightly too!


There is a clamour of sad news coming in from Palestine. Israel is at it, again. Murdering innocents by the dozen. You dont have to be an expert on Middle East affairs to condemn this mindless violence.

There is also a clamour of news coming in from Kashmir. But its the start of Muharram, the Islamic new year. Every year these days we remind ourselves of the sacrifice of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad SallallahuAlaihiWaSalam and hence begin the year solemnly, on a somber note.

Guess the families in Palestine will have a lot to remember in the Muharrams to come. My heart reaches out to them. May Allah give them strength!


Its three in the afternoon. And, finally, sunshine.

In Palestine, too. Soon. InshaAllah.


Author: Rich Autumns

Blogger from Kashmir. Twitter: @RichAutumns

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