Thank God For Little Pleasures – X

There are two mountains in the background. One in front of the other. The closer one is not quite a mountain, a hill, rather. Its brown and the shrubbery stands out golden on it. In this rare sun-filled winter day, it is basking in the warmth. The far away one, higher and bluer, is enshrouded in a cover of white and grey mist. Usually its not visible behind all the mist. 

The blue sky beyond it. Endless.

The road is wide and open with shops on both sides of it. A red three wheeler load carrier stops near a shop, and a man with some paper invoices comes out to unload some boxes. At an ATM, a woman meticuloulsy counts the cash before tucking it in a small wallet in her large handbag. A large SUV zooms by.

In the newly found cold sunlight of winters, a stray dog yawns and goes back to sleep from which it had temporarily risen to inspect the parked cars. A man with one side of his pheran gathered on his right shoulders crosses the street to have lunch outside a closed shop. He invites a fellow shop keeper to share in his humble lunch of rice and haakh. The other person declines. They share a little laughter. 

There are big things, and there are small things. Everyone sees the Big things, but the Small things? As Emerson said, Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers in it”.

I keep on walking, without looking back.

Author: Rich Autumns

Blogger from Kashmir. Twitter: @RichAutumns

5 thoughts on “Thank God For Little Pleasures – X”

  1. your writings are so calming. i get a feeling that you are able to let things sink in, just as the way they are. how to do that? aren’t writers the agonizing lot..



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