To the Stranger who asked for Prayers

We had been silent for coffee shops were not quite our thing yet.
The coffee was gaping at us from large porcelain cups, uncomfortable and quiet.
The conversation drifted from one thing to another. Arundhati Roy said that when people meet only the small things are said, the big things remain unsaid. Lurking inside. I am pretty sure she said something like that in The God of Small Things.Β 
And so we taked about the weather. You can talk about the weather in Srinagar for ever. So did we. Then we talked about other random stuff, before falling quiet again. The silence made flitting appearences throughout the meeting. There and gone, in a moment.
But it would soon turn all pallid. He would leave.
“Pray for me”, he said.
Did I believe in the power of prayer, he had asked.

The stranger before me was an old friend, who rarely met. And even though I loved him, he wouldn’t have known. We take things we dont care about for granted. In fact, right then sitting across him I felt as if I had never really met him. May be I never had. May be he was just a name from the long list of people I have come across on the internet who materialized.

So I said, yes, I will pray for you.

We paid for the coffee and left. In different directions. His to leave the place, mine towards the maze of Srinagar lanes to home.

The air was heavy with the burden I carried. I must add his name to the prayer. But then, my prayers had carried no name. It had been more of a wish, a secretly expressed desire to which God was a witness. And of course, his Prophet (PBUH). And yet, it would have been unfair if I hadn’t mentioned him specifically. Donated a whisper in his name too.

What is the price of prayer?

On the day of Jumat-ul-Vidah, a few years ago the Imam was fervently praying after the congregational prayers. There were loud gasps as people broke down, saying Amen. Afterwards they chimed in loudly for a highly effected Kashmiri na’at. Even in the women’s section teary eyed women raised their shawls and the hems of veils in prayer. The prayers then too had no names. They were universal for every body. For joy and happiness. For peace and justice. For life.

However, at night I tried to remember the name of the stranger. The little warrior far away from home, fighting his own brand of despair. And wished his freedom. I tied the wish to the wings of prayer for the stranger. That he may find rest from all that was hard on him.

I prayed that someone would do so much for me too.


Author: Rich Autumns

Blogger from Kashmir. Twitter: @RichAutumns

5 thoughts on “To the Stranger who asked for Prayers”

  1. Thank you for your comment, Junee.

    The stranger need not consider the price. The one who was asked needs to understand the value of it. It is he that has been granted this immense gift of being trusted with a request for prayer. It is not a thing that is so loosely granted.


  2. Thanks for reading Sarah. This one was partly true. I am tempted to say that the “stuff” comes to me, but that would too far fetched. One has to go in search of stuff too. πŸ™‚


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