What is the most Kashmiri thing that you have done?

I asked “What is the most Kashmiri thing that you have done?”

Here’s what Twitter answered:

We’ve all been there Zuhaib. Don’t ask us how!


And my favourite

Add in the comments, what is yours. Or reply on Twitter.



Author: Rich Autumns

Blogger from Kashmir. Twitter: @RichAutumns

4 thoughts on “What is the most Kashmiri thing that you have done?”

  1. Wondering if you could elaborate two of the comments:

    Burnt a yazaar doore in a kangir. (Since it got your attention and you commented on it)

    And the last one, for obvious reason, please translate “Tehri”.

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    1. Hey GH, thanks for reading.

      Kangri is a clay basket which is used for warmth in winters. It is filled with embers and ash to keep hot. This gent, apparently, burnt the string of his trousers in the embers. A very typical thing which happens when one uses Kangri.

      The “tehri” is a yellow coloured rice preparation that is often prepared and distributed as charity. For a picture and little more details read this post https://richautumnsblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/26/giving-food-in-kashmir/


  2. I don’t know if I should comment or not right now, it has been like 4 months since the post was written. But the fact that I could relate the “Kashmiri things” with my everyday life I decide to give it a go.

    The most “Kashmiri thing” for me would be this:
    Kangri manz thool bozun. I guess this even more special to me because in childhood this was my favourite stuff to do in winters, but these days I can’t afford to look at the egg (due to my health problems). So yeah, this is the most Kashmiri thing I can recall that I did. I hope I don’t sound as crazy as I think I do!


    1. Thanks for your comment Naiem. Yes, kangri manz thool buzun is very very Kaeshur indeed. What a pleasant memory. I hope your health issues are taken care of soon and you can return to your childhood memory.


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