The Baby at her father’s funeral

baby (1).jpgLet me quietly add one more obituary to my blog. I don’t know who these people are, but I would document this here. Just like the deaths of Nayeem and Iqbal, killed in 2016 in Handwara, or Kaniza in 2017 or  Tahir in 2013.

They brought her wrapped in a blanket. To see her father’s face. Her dead father’s face. In a sea of weeping faces and hands reaching out, she cried! Like infants do.

She will not remember this day. She will not remember her father.

She will never know her father. They killed her father. She cannot voice her complaints.

He will now be a stranger from her mother’s stories. A man who birthed her, and then left. A person who couldn’t ever be present. She will have her memories without him.

Her whole life without him.

The baby’s mother is from Indonesia. Her father was from Kashmir. What would she make of him? Or think of his father’s home?

She wouldn’t know what to cry for in her little blue blanket.

In a fell swoop the occupation of Kashmir has created another orphan, another widow. Many are finding excuses for this. Some are celebrating this victory. The Indian army has defeated a three month old in a blue blanket. She will wrap her unsaid feelings around her and wait till she has more to say. She will find her words eventually. I pray she does!

Violence always finds it cheerleaders. When the police trucks were mowing people down, there were people hurrah-ing for more. I still find it hard to look for pleasure in other people’s miseries or believe that there actually exist people who take pleasure in the pain of strangers. But such is life. And hatred.

I pray that this young girl is spared all that!


(Abid, a resident of Kareemabad, Pulwama was killed when armed forces fired live ammunition on civilian protesters near the site of the gunfight in which three militants were killed. According to reports Abid had left home early morning to get milk for his daughter.)



Author: Rich Autumns

Blogger from Kashmir. Twitter: @RichAutumns

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