A Hundred Thousand Things

What is it that brings on a train wreck? A thousand jarring sounds, all insignificant in themselves, clash against the brain and produce an explosion. The brain, like a mirror, crashes into a thousand pieces of as many shapes. All this while I am walking on a road, buying apples for after dinner. I hand over the money and walk away. For a briefest moment of time, I worry about over paying the fruit vendor. Another tiny piece flakes off.

I lock myself in a tiny room, alone. The city is full of strange noises, unknown people with unknown habits. I no longer understand what they say. I miss when they address me. Are they from another planet? How did we meet? When did it all begin? Was it like this forever?

It wasn’t. Before the strangers, apples and the wreck, the world was a happier place. I too had a place in it, and so had some other wearers of worn out shoes. But we walked too long a distance without a map, and the spirit of wandering exhausted itself. When the shoes were reduced to bare soles and lace, the ground became all too real. The train made a sharp whistle before the tracks screeched under the weight of a pair of patchy shoes and two lost feet.

The cacophony outside is no match for the one inside. They say a cup of coffee does wonders. Some say tea. Sleep. Milk. Parle G. They are all placebos. The real medicine is elusive, if it exists at all.  Like elixir. But nothing that works on the brain works on the heart. And, anything that pacifies the heart is rejected by the brain. There can’t be any harmony. It is a train wreck, after all. Both try to save themselves.

So, in such weary shoes the dreams return home, exhausted by a single moment in a long day. They sit quietly for a while. The jarring sounds have worn them further down. With great difficulty they detach themselves from the soles of the boots to which they have become attached during the long walk.

I slump in a couch. These last few words escape the train wreck. I ask them what brought it on in the first place, “A hundred thousand things,” they reply.


If you know what I mean

What do you blog about? I’d say nothing. You just create a blog, a space on the internet and move on. You fill it with whatever comes to your mind. Whatever you like, because thats the whole purpose of owning a space. Its Yours.

Blogging pandits would tell you that you should be focused and write for an audience. Write for people who would come to read your blog again and again. But thats a very difficult ask. How do you keep yourself so focused? I always wanted to write a food blog, but something inside me (the little lazy devil, who lives inside everyone except the better ones of us) tells me that a book blog may be a better idea. Doesn’t that come more naturally to you? But, many, many things come ‘naturally’ to me, if you know what I mean. Doesn’t mean that i should blog about all that. Does it?

Anyways, here me, i dedicate this blog to humanity and the moods of my mind. Hang on it. Next topic may be food anyways….

PS: if the above doesn’t make sense, you are free to ignore it. It was written on an Exercycle anyways.